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Supercharge your internet marketing digital strategy for better social media presence.
NeoLift offers various mobile marketing services for better brand visibility in digital media platforms.
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Why NeoLift

  • We know how to get attention of potential customers from your marketing budget for maximum conversion rate optimization.
  • We prioritize on building brand awareness and better user experience of your target audience for lead generation.
  • Considering your business goals first, we prepare social media strategy the way you like it.
  • Unlike our search engine optimization (SEO) service, for social media marketing, we only work with businesses that we understand well.
  • Our digital marketing agency serves many services to boost up your online presence all under one roof, from graphic design to logo design you name it we got it.
  • Many social media platforms have a partnership with us, which in turn makes your social media channel (or funnel) a global marketing lead generating machine.

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How Social Media can increase business sales?

Yes, when you have the right message to right people is what all marketing is supposed to do, and social media might work for you.
Social media agencies like us, clarify the message and at the same time amplify the impact to convert a viewer into the lead.

Which social websites are best?

There is no perfect answer as there is a difference in audience and priorities.
e.g. Selling sports shoes might be a good idea on all platforms, however, LinkedIn users are not in the mindset to buy shoes, rather Instagram or Facebook could be a better option.
Similarly, selling shoemaking machines through social media campaigns on Facebook or LinkedIn may not work succesffyuly.
However, selling the machine on the yellow page platform will definitely improve your sales.

What's the difference between influencer marketing and social media marketing?

Both use Social media, though,
Influencer marketing is a form of paid advice involving the endorsements and placement of products by influencers, individuals and groups with social influence (usually hired by big management companies).
Marketing in social media is the promotion of a product or a service by using social media platforms and Websites (paid advertising or through a network).
Unlike Influencer marketing, businesses with limited budget hire social media marketing companies or a social media manager to improve their sales and brand value.

Which is better Social media or SEO?

The correct answer is both.
As both types of marketing has a common goal- to increase visitors to your website.
Both search engine marketing and Social Media advertising are powerful techniques to reach a wider audience and increase your keyword ranking and profitability.
Our digital agency could use these two more efficiently to achieve your goals.